SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Gains Attention For His Response To The Group’s Dating Situation

It’s the topic that idols fear the most but Woozi handled it perfectly!

One of the most controversial topics within K-Pop is dating. While more idols and celebrities are speaking about the issue, it can shock fans when interviewers are so direct with their comments about dating and relationships.

Recently, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi gained attention for his iconic way of swerving a question about the members’ dating lives.


SEVENTEEN recently made their comeback with the album FML and have been promoting one of their two title tracks, “SUPER.” As expected, the song and music video quickly took over, and netizens couldn’t get enough of the track’s unique sound.

The “SUPER” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

On May 3, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Dino, Woozi, and Joshua appeared on the SBS show News Briefing.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Dino, Woozi, and Joshua on SBS | SBS News

During the interview, the news anchor hilariously had the members (and fans) stunned when he suddenly explained that it must be “boring” being around the same people, adding, “You’re young; you should date.”

While the question was unexpected in a national interview, Woozi handled it perfectly by explaining how much the 13 members all enjoyed being together because there were a lot of funny guys within the group.

When we contact each other, there are a many times when we’re already with someone.

— Woozi

Woozi then explained that there was always someone to talk to and referred to the members who also sat with him in the interview.

He revealed that if he contacted Joshua, it wasn’t off to hear he would be eating with Mingyu and Dino, or Woozi would be making someone with another member.

While they spend all their time together, the sense of being a family was comforting to the group, as Woozi revealed that it meant that each day is full of positivity and laughter. He added, “Each day is full of laughter.”

In the end, after Woozi’s passionate speech, the anchor hilariously asked, “Is it fun?” to which both Woozi and Mingyu agreed that it was.

When the clip was released, netizens couldn’t hide their reactions to Woozi seamlessly moving away from the topic of dating and turning it to the close friendship between the SEVENTEEN members.

While the topic of dating can be awkward for idols, Woozi had the perfect answer to the statement. Rather than making a big deal out of the comment, Woozi used it to praise the members and showcase the close bond between SEVENTEEN.

Source: @svtranslation and SBS


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