SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To Accidentally Swearing

It even has a hashtag trending πŸ˜‚

Most Carats probably remember when, about two years ago,Β SEVENTEEN‘sΒ Jeonghan went viral for accidentally swearing while livestreaming as he played games.

The entire situation was pretty hilarious, especially Jeonghan’s reaction, since SEVENTEEN is a group that’s pretty well-known for their youthful, innocent concepts!

Now, it seems like fellow memberΒ Woozi might be getting the same kind of reactions from fans for a similar sort of situation πŸ˜‚

While gaming in the most recent GOING SEVENTEEN episode, at one point his character died, and he ended up cursing automatically in response. WhenΒ Seungkwan reprimanded him for the swear, however, Woozi was quick to “explain” why he had cursed.

He’s referring to the line in his recent solo debut single “Ruby” that had Carats going wild for including a swear word in the lyrics!

The incident is spreading around social media like wildfire, with some fans even sharing a hashtag just for the occasion!

You can watch the whole entertaining gaming video here: