SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Gained Male Fans After Swearing In A Live Broadcast

Instead of hate, he gained new fans.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan made what many consider a grave mistake for idols, but he gained love from new fans instead!

A recent online broadcast of the group showed Jeonghan playing a video game on his PC with a friend.

After a build-up of high tension, he let out a curse word aloud in the live broadcast.

We’re f*****

– Jeonghan

He was immediately shocked at his own words, bowing to the camera in apology.

Instead of getting hate for his words, however, netizens found him relatable, handsome, and interesting! In fact, a surprising group of demographics poured out their affection for Jeonghan: males.

International fans found this turnout hilarious.

They pointed out how everything seems to work out in his favor.

Carats let it be known that Jeonghan didn’t do anything wrong anyway.

He’s the cutest!