SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Learns Sign Language On The Spot So He Can Interact With Deaf CARATs During “Aju Nice”

Woozi has the sweetest heart.

SEVENTEEN just wrapped up their stop in L.A. for their BE THE SUN world tour, and like every concert, it was full of powerful performances and sweet interactions with CARATs. While even a wave or smile would be a dream come true for CARATs, Woozi took it a step further, revealing his kind and loving nature.

During the neverending encore of “Aju Nice,” a CARAT caught Woozi on film learning the sign for “jump” so he could interact with deaf carats at the concert. His little bow of thanks before sending a “Wooahae” makes the entire exchange even more endearing.

Besides sign language, Woozi also delivered his entire speech in English, showing that no matter the language, Woozi puts his all into learning it to better interact with as many CARATs as he can.

Woozi never hesitates to shower CARATs with love, and even the smallest actions, like when he takes the time to learn a new sign or repeats the names of CARATs during an interview, give fans a glimpse of how deep his love for CARATs is.

Of course, learning all the languages is impossible, so Woozi uses a different way to speak to CARATs. As SEVENTEEN’s main producer, Woozi uses music as his way of connecting the hearts of SEVENTEEN and their fans, transcending language in the most beautiful and universal way possible. Whether it be his meaningful lyrics or emotional composition, Woozi delivers his deepest thoughts and feelings that cut straight to the heart.

At their opening concert in Seoul, Woozi expressed how he wished SEVENTEEN would become CARATs’ greatest strength, just like how CARATs are SEVENTEEN’s greatest strength. While CARATs would argue that it’s because SEVENTEEN touched their hearts first that they’re so supportive of SEVENTEEN in return, what remains unchanging is the love that exists between idol and fan.

Like how Woozi is never shy about his love for CARATs, CARATs are just as loud about their love.

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