SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Shocks Netizens After Revealing His Abs Fully For The First Time Ever

The internet was not expecting to be attacked like that!

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi has recently sent the internet into meltdown after showcasing his stunning physique in an editorial.

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi | Dispatch

As well as being extremely handsome, Woozi is one of the most talented people in K-Pop, being a phenomenal singer, dancer, rapper, and of course, producer and musician.

Woozi as part of The Leaders’ performance of “CHEERS”
Woozi’s track “Ruby” | SEVENTEEN/YouTube 

Yet, the idol has recently sent the internet into a meltdown after showcasing his chiseled abs for the world to see. Of course, like most idols, netizens have seen glimpses of Woozi’s abs during performances when he has worn crop tops.

When he released the track “Ruby,” Woozi teased fans even more after showcasing his muscular back.


Well, it seems like Woozi has shocked the internet after revealing his abs for the first time in all their glory.

It was recently revealed that SEVENTEEN members have appeared in units for different publications.

While most of the members were confirmed, it was only Woozi, Hoshi, and Vernon left. On April 13, photos revealed that the trio would be appearing in the upcoming Vogue Korea edition, and handsome AF photos were shared.

While it was a shock, CARATs suddenly noticed that along with the idols looking so handsome, Woozi was showing skin as he bared his abs in the photo with Vernon. Although the photo was in black and white, the definition was unreal.

When the photos were released, CARATs couldn’t hide their reaction as it was the first time Woozi had voluntarily showcased a full shot of his abs.

Hilariously, many also pointed out that the day before, Woozi had posted cute photos for CARATs the night before, probably knowing that he would send the internet into meltdown mere hours later.

Woozi definitely knows how to shock fans and showcased his duality in a matter of hours.


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