SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu May Have Lost His Passport During “Youth Over Flowers”, But He Scored Comedy Gold

Their life is a sitcom.

SEVENTEEN has built a reputation as one of the funniest idol groups in K-Pop ever. Their unique brand of comedy is so famous that even non-fans are known to watch their self-produced content, Going SEVENTEEN.

As the boys gathered at the airport for the kickstart of Youth Over Flowers, things naturally went down the chaotic path. Everyone began to panic when Mingyu seemed to have lost his airport. He realized it as the group walked towards immigrations.

Mingyu decided to sit down and wait.

| @mingbubu/Twitter

He urgently made calls to various people. Even Na Young Seok PD urged the fans around them to help look for the missing passport.

Account from fan at airport.
  • Mingyu was so upset after losing his passport.
  • Na Young Seok PD told us Mingyu fans that we shouldn’t be filming [Mingyu], but helping to look for the passport. So we all helped by searching the chairs and everything.
  • Turns out, the passport was with someone, so he went in safely. We searched for 10 minutes.

After a good ten minutes of searching, the passport was found with one of the staff members. As they got up and made their way to immigrations, Na Young Seok PD even teased Mingyu for possibly plotting the incident to gain more airtime.

What made things even funnier was how Na Young Seok PD asked fans to Airdrop the content they filmed of Mingyu in despair, waiting for his passport.

The PD told fans to send an Airdrop so that he could use it as outsourced content [for the show] LOL.

— @unknownhanifan

Na Young Seok PD receiving airdrops. | @mingbubu/Twitter

Despite the chaos, Mingyu and the other members successfully managed to board the plane!