SEVENTEEN’s Dino Got Fans To Share His Love For EXO D.O.’s Song “That’s Okay”

Dino was fanboying hard

Recently, SEVENTEEN members DK and Dino did a voice-only live broadcast, where they updated fans on how how things had been going for them recently.

DK revealed that because of how busy it has been preparing for their next comeback, he hadn’t had the chance to listen to the latest songs.

SEVENTEEN’s maknae Dino told fans that he tends to like songs from drama OST.

In particular, he recommended DK to listen to EXO D.O’s latest solo song “That’s Okay”.

I really like D.O.’s song “That’s Okay”

In the past, Dino has revealed that he is one of EXO’s many fanboys.

It is no surprise that he is a fan of D.O.’s solo track. As a farewell gift to fans upon his military enlistment, “That’s Okay” is a soothing acoustic R&B ballad with a poignant message.

As DK was curious about the song, Dino played “That’s Okay” in the live broadcast. In particular, he discussed why he liked the song.

The lyrics are really good

The song highlights how it is okay for people to acknowledge their emotions and reassures us that everything will be fine.

The masterful lyrics have been credited to D.O.’s songwriting, demonstrating his immense talent.

Dino revealed this was his favourite song because of how it makes him feel when he listens to it.

When hearing this song, it really makes me comfortable

Dino wasn’t the only one who loved the song.

While “That’s Okay” was playing, it turned out that a lot of fans watching were also commending the song.

There are many CARATs who like it

Dino even managed to sneak in a bit of singing along to the song before the live broadcast ended.

It is great to see fandoms show their love and support for other groups. Celebrating each other’s achievements and artistry is the way to go!