SEVENTEEN’s Dino Went To The Hospital, Will Not Be Participating in Japanese Activities

Get well soon, Dino!

It has recently been revealed that SEVENTEEN‘s Dino visited the hospital on the morning of November 7, 2019. He was suffering from enteritis, which is the inflammation of stomach and intestines.

SEVENTEEN posted to their official fan café that because of this, he will not being participate in SEVENTEEN’s Makuhari concert for their “ODE TO YOU” tour. Instead, he will be resting until his symptoms subside.

Pledis Entertainment has also released a statement to confirm Dino’s absence,

Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment. First of, thank you to the fans who have always given their love and warm support to SEVENTEEN.

We wish to inform you that SEVENTEEN’s Dino has decided to rest until his condition improves after visiting the hospital and finding symptoms of enteritis.

We would like to inform the fans that Dino would be absent from the SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR <ODE TO YOU> IN JAPAN Makuhari’s performance on Thursday, November 7th.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who were looking forward to him. We will do out best to make sure that Dino will be able to meet fans next time in a healthy condition.

We look forward to your support for SEVENTEEN and Dino. Thank you.

– Pledis Entertainment

Fans have since trended the hashtag #GetWellSoonDino, hoping for the idol’s speedy recovery. CARATs are hoping that SEVENTEEN’s maknae takes it easy until he gets better.

Source: Naver