SEVENTEEN’s Dino’s Choreography To “Sucker” Was So Good That The Jonas Brothers Noticed It

And Dino choreographed the entire dance!

The Jonas Brothers released their hit song “Sucker” earlier this year, being their first single in six years.

Meanwhile SEVENTEEN’s youngest member Dino loved the song so much that he even choreographed his own dance cover to “Sucker”.

After much practising and rehearsing, Dino released his dance cover on SEVENTEEN’s YouTube account.

Against the background of a summer day at the beach, Dino’s dance cover has won acclaim from fans for his precise and fluid movements that perfectly matched the vibe of the song.

SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit leader Hoshi even had to give Dino an embrace after being impressed with the filming of the dance cover.

In fact, Dino’s dance choreography was so good, that it was shared across social media.

It wasn’t long before the Jonas Brothers themselves spotted the dance cover when it was shared by a fan on Instagram.

It looks like Dino’s dance to their own song was so impressive, that the official Jonas Brothers Instagram account left a like on the video.

Furthermore, it seems that they were interested in finding out more about the talented dancer, as they also left another like on the shared behind-the-scenes video to Dino’s dance cover.

That’s not all, the Jonas Brothers even liked a Tweet about Dino’s dance cover to “Sucker”.

What is truly amazing is that not only has Dino’s dance cover impressed the original artist with his dancing ability, but also that this was completely choreographed by himself!

Since debut, SEVENTEEN have been acclaimed for their self-producing ability, being in charge of crafting their discography, choreography and concepts.

It is incredible to see them receive acclaim from the artists that they look up to. Guess that hopefully means we’ll see more song and dance covers from Dino and the other members!