SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Donates 23.1 Million Won To His Alma Matter

This isn’t his first time.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is making headlines for his giving heart!

| Naver

SEVENTEEN’s dance machine, Hoshi is making headlines for donating to his high school alma matter. It has been revealed that he donated 23.1 million Won ($20,328 USD) towards a scholarship fund for the current students enrolled at Maseok High School in Gyeonggi-Do.

Unfortunately, Hoshi was unable to make the donation himself but his parents stepped in and donated on his behalf. The principal of the school relayed his thanks and revealed that Hoshi has actually been quietly but consistently donating to the school for some time now. He hopes that the idol star’s donations will have a positive impact on the kids.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN just made their long awaited comeback with their album, ;[Semicolon]. The main single on the album, “Home;Run” has been topping charts and winning number one on music shows so be sure to check the boys of SEVENTEEN out!

Source: Korea Joongang Daily, Instiz and Facebook