Sevilla FC Player Rafa Mirr Asks MAMAMOO’s Solar Out To Dinner, And She Has The Classiest Response

She wasn’t expecting it, but her reaction shows her true personality.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently interviewed Spanish soccer stars Rafa Mirr and Oliver Torres on her YouTube channel, only to be left somewhat surprised after receiving an unexpected request. Yet, classy as ever, she had the best response!

(From left to right) Rafa Mirr, Solar, and Oliver Torres | @sevillafc/Instagram

Earlier this month, Sevilla FC went to Seoul to participate in a friendly against Tottenham Hotspur. Their arrival led to an unexpected crossover between the worlds of soccer and K-Pop, as not only did K-Pop idols such as BTS‘s Jimin attend the match, but Solar even had players Rafa Mirr and Oliver Torres doing her “HONEY” dance challenge.

Solar sat down for an interview with the two players and asked them what they hoped to see while in Korea. Oliver Torres had hopes of being able to go to PSY‘s concert with his team…

| solarsido/YouTube 

…and hilariously teased Solar by suggesting she get the tickets for everyone.

As for Rafa Mirr, he had slightly different plans, preferring to see the sights while he was in town.

He explained that the members had to think a lot about their condition for the game, so they hadn’t been able to see much of Korea. They would have the chance to do so, however, on their last day there. Solar politely asked him what he wanted to do on his day off…but he hilariously hesitated to give his answer.

His teammate cheekily egged him on, saying, “Go on, go on. You got yourself into this, so go on.”

He then responded with, “I think the best thing to do is to experience Korean food…but with you.”

At first, Solar couldn’t help bursting into laughter. Seeing her reaction, Rafa Mirr amusingly commented, “She’s just laughing.” But then Solar showed her true classy nature and expressed her regret that there wasn’t enough time for her to show them the best places to eat. She promised to do so the next time the team is in Korea. (And Oliver Torres didn’t let her forget about the concert tickets!)

While the dinner invitation seemed to take Solar by surprise, she showed her polite and considerate personality by very openly offering to treat the players to a meal whenever they are back in Korea, making this a totally priceless interaction!

For the full clip, click on the link below!

Source: YouTube