SF9’s Chani And Hwiyoung Booked On Charges Of Violating Social Distancing Rules

They were caught at a bar hours after bars are forced to close.

SF9 members Chani and Hwiyoung have been booked on charges of violating the social distancing rules by being at a bar until 1am.

According to an exclusive report from Channel A, police were dispatched to a bar in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam at 1am on January 18 after receiving a report that the bar was operating after the government mandated closing time. When police arrived, the door was locked, so the police and fire department were dispatched to forcibly enter the venue.

There were a total of 15 people at the bar, including Chani and Hwiyoung. Police booked all individuals at the bar, from the patrons to the employees on charges of violating the social distancing rules. Police are looking into whether the group was celebrating Chani’s birthday, as they were celebrating it on January 17.

SF9’s agency FNC Entertainment confirmed the report, and apologized for the two members’ behavior.

We have confirmed that our artists violated the social distancing rules on January 18 at 1am.

Hwiyoung and Chani visited a Texas Hold’em Pub in Nonhyeon-dong after receiving a phone call from a friend to celebrate Chani’s birthday. This happened after all of their schedules ended for the day. In the process, they were investigated for violating the social distancing rules.

It is clear that the two were irresponsible and careless in their decision, and they are blaming themselves for causing concern not only to the fans, but also the public. They are deeply reflecting on their actions.

We sincerely apologize for our negligence in managing them. We will thoroughly manage our artists and come up with measures to prevent something like from happening again.

— FNC Entertainment

Source: Channel A and News1