SF9 Fans Left Baffled As They Continue To Receive NCT Dream Albums — Instead Of SF9 Albums

What in the world is going on?

Aladin is a South Korean online retailer that sells books, e-books, CD albums, and more. As a well-known reputable seller, many Korean fanclubs utilize this website to shop for their favorite groups’ albums. However, SF9 fans have begun to express their utter confusion with Aladin’s most recent mix-up.

SF9’s “TURN OVER” | FNC Entertainment

SF9 recently made their highly anticipated comeback with their new mini-album titled, TURN OVER and their title track, “Tear Drop.” With their exciting return, SF9 fans (Fantasys) have been eagerly purchasing their mini-album to support their favorite group, with some fans purchasing numerous copies.

SF9’s Mini-album “TURN OVER” | FNC Entertainment

Fantasys flocked to different online retailers, including Aladin, to purchase SF9’s newest mini-album and patiently waited for their package to arrive. Much to their disappointment and frustration, however, Fantasys were left in utter confusion when they received NCT Dream‘s Hello Future: The 1st Album Repackage instead of SF9’s TURN OVER.

NCT Dream’s “Hello Future: The 1st Album Repackage” | SM Entertainment

Fantasys took to Twitter to share the bizarre mishap, as dozens of SF9 fans began to show photo evidence of their NCT Dream albums.

This SF9 fan shared their confusion and asked if there was a NCT Dream fan who received SF9 albums instead.

Hello…? I was wondering if there was anyone out there who purchased NCT Dream albums, but instead received SF9 albums..not only are these albums different from what I ordered, but I also received these 10 albums that I did not order…I was so excited to open the package after work so when I saw the package, I thought to myself, ‘oh wow the album is so small and colorful,’ but then that’s when I realized it’s not ours…

— @_Rowoon_/Twitter

This fan shared the same confusion as the above Fantasy, as they also reached out to potential NCT Dream fans who may have received SF9 albums instead.

Is there by chance someone out there who purchased NCT Dream albums from Aladin that received 6 SF9 albums instead?? If you did, please send me a DM.

— @mylittleberri2/Twitter

Another Fantasy kept it simple and shared their deeply rooted frustrated.

The f*ck. I didn’t think this would happen to me to too…it’s not surprising though because the package was really freaking light.

— @thumpersf9/Twitter

This SF9 fan had no problem calling out Aladin on their crazy mix-up.

Aladin, why are you doing this?

— rown960807/Twitter

The frustration shared by SF9 fans is not unwarranted since receiving a package without your ordered content can be irritating all on its own. In addition to that, album sales have an incredible impact on a K-Pop idol group’s overall stats. Album sales, which are calculated by different online retailers such as Aladin, have the ability to make or break a group’s comeback. These numbers can dictate whether or not a group will win first place on the various music programs, which can increase the group and the song’s popularity.

SF9 winning #1 on “Music Bank” — their high album sales contributed to their win | KBS2

It is also the first week after SF9 released their mini-album, which many believe is a crucial time period for a group’s potential album sales to soar.

With all that said, many netizens shared SF9 fans’ frustrations, as they also expressed their annoyance with Aladin’s strange mishap.

| theqoo
  • “Wait what, during the album’s first week of release? I hope they reflect deeply…right?”
  • “Wow, is Aladin out of their mind?”
  • “Aladin, why did you do that.”
  • “I can’t believe there was a mishap during the album’s first week of release…”
  • “What the, where did they all go.”
  • “Aladin are you serious? What kind of system are you running?”
  • “??? Yeah it might be a delivery issue, but what are you guys going to do? Do they have to return it and stuff? It’s not even the consumer’s fault though..”
  • “Honestly, it’s probably not even Aladin’s fault but rather the warehouse who made an invoice mistake.”

In light of the ongoing confusion and frustration shared by SF9 fans, Aladin has yet to comment on the situation.

In the meantime, be sure to check out SF9’s comeback track “Tear Drop” down below.

Source: theqoo and Image