SF9’s Inseong, Kim Sejeong, Ivy All Test Negative For COVID-19

The entertainment industry is hitting another wave of COVID-19 cases.

Musical actress Cha Ji Yeon, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, has brought about another emergency crisis in the entertainment industry. Fellow actors who appeared in musicals with Cha all tested negative for COVID-19.

According to the Red Book musical officials, “All actors and staff were tested for COVID-19 and have all confirmed negative as of July 5.” Due to Cha’s positive test on July 4, the musical was canceled that day and SF9’s Inseong, Kim Sejeong, and Ivy were all tested for COVID-19.

Fortunately, all test results came back negative, but the tension due to the re-spread of COVID-19 has become more evident in the entertainment industry.

Source: ytn