Meet SF9 Rowoon’s Stylist, Who Is Both Super Hot And Talented Himself

Cute, talented, and already famous!

Just when you thought that SF9‘s Rowoon alone was a visual treat, fans have found out that his stylist is also a feast for the eyes. Although fans have long shown interest in the staff that work around idols including these 8 handsome managers, this one might be the cutest yet.

Not only is he cute, but he also runs his own successful brand of jewelry and a growing YouTube channel. Seungju, also known as Veiled, first started out as a small channel doing ASMR and travel vlogs. Later on, as interest in his lifestyle grew, he came to upload a greater variety of videos including fashion and styling.

| @seungjuuuuuuu/Instagram

His efforts have culminated in not only being hired as a stylist for FNC Entertainment artists such as SF9’s Rowoon and boy group P1Harmony, but he also designs for his own brand, East Ice, specializing in fashion jewelry. His jewelry has been seen on many stars including aespa.

His YouTube channel currently has over 374k subscribers. Check out his recent vlog where he takes you to work with him as a stylist.

With stunning visuals and a calming voice, it’s a surprise that no entertainment agency has tried to kidnap him for themselves!

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