SF9’s Yoo Taeyang Wears A Revealing Crop Top, Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy

He’s being compared to a Greek god.

SF9 recently made their highly anticipated comeback with “Tear Drop,” exciting all of their eagerly awaiting fans. The melodic tune, the sharp choreography, and the members’ vocals all took part in the perfect formula that is “Tear Drop.” And while there are many things to get excited about, there was one particular member who began making headlines for something completely unrelated.

SF9 | FNC Entertainment

Yoo Taeyang, the main dancer for the boy group has officially sent the internet into a wild storm over his latest outfit. On July 11, SF9 performed “Tear Drop” on SBS‘s Inkigayo and Yoo Taeyang’s revealing stage outfit has been taking over media headlines.

The SF9 member can be seen wearing a light blue blazer crop top that is very noticeably cropped. The cool criss-cross detail and the cut-out features on the side show off Yoo Taeyang’s fit physique.

As if the top couldn’t get more exciting, the back of the top is left completely open, exposing his entire backside! Can you guys see why the internet has been running buckwild??

Pair that with his cool leather pants and his slick main dancer-like moves and we’ve got one incredible stage look.

Korean netizens fell hard for Yoo Taeyang’s on-stage charisma and his “Greek god”
like body.

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  • “Where should I bow, Inkigayo? You won’t regret filming Yoo Taeyang’s fancam.”
  • “Even Michelangelo thought he was a sculpture and got surprised with his visuals.”
  • “SBS is South Korea’s best broadcasting station.”
  • “You look like a Greek god. So sexy.”
  • “It’s crazy. Look at Yoo Taeyang’s back, look at his back, look at his back…I was in tears but Yoo Taeyang’s slim and fit physique truly is the bestㅠㅠㅠ.”
  • “I thought this kind of physique could only exist in statue form…but apparently it can be alive and move as well.”
  • “A facecamㅜㅜㅜ Taeyang’s face is the best. Even his facial expressions are perfectㅜㅜ.”
  • “I will go from looking at his muscles to his face, back to his muscles…face…muscles…I’m losing my mind, I wish I had four eyes…”
SF9’s Yoo Taeyang on “Inkigayo” | SBS

Yoo Taeyang, I think you may have broken the internet with your crop top look. You can check out the SF9 member’s fancam for the group’s Inkigayo “Tear Drop” performance down below!

Also be sure to check out SF9’s “Tear Drop” comeback music video!

Source: WikiTree