SF9’s Youngbin Apologizes For Insensitive Comment About COVID-19 And The Vaccine

He apologized.

SF9‘s Youngbin has apologized recently for his insensitive comment with regards to COVID-19 and the vaccine. During a live stream, he had said, “Even if I do not get vaccinated, I don’t think I will get COVID-19,” resulting in severe backlash. He further elaborated during the live stream that he did not get vaccinated as it would hurt and he didn’t think he would be exposed to the dangers of getting COVID-19 and that those who got vaccinated still caught the virus.

He took to the official fancafe on September 28, 2021, to apologize for his words.

I’m sorry for having concerned everyone that had been watching over me, with my words regarding the vaccine. As it was a live broadcast that many were watching, I’m deeply reflecting over my careless words and I apologize for it. In addition, I will get vaccinated as soon as possible and I will fix my misconceptions and be more careful about my actions and words in the future.

I’m really sorry.

— Youngbin

At a time where getting vaccinated is priority for South Korea, Youngbin’s expression of his opinion as an idol was seen as not socially responsible. The live stream has since been deleted from the official channel.

Source: Star News