SF9’s Zuho Gains Attention For His Response To Hateful Comments And Criticisms About His Upcoming Role In A BL K-Drama

Zuho is set to star as the main lead in upcoming BL “Starstruck.”

Although there has been a rise in the popularity of BL (Boys’ Love) dramas across Asia, in Korea, there still isn’t the same prominence in South Korea due to traditional views on sexuality. With such a stigma against the LGBTQI+ community in Korea, it is also a normal “No go” for idols.

Yet, it seems as if it has become more common for idols to star in BLs, and one person who has addressed negative criticism about his upcoming role is SF9‘s Zuho.

SF9’s Zuho | @SF9_official_jp/Twitter

In particular, more K-Pop idols have been taking on roles in BL K-Dramas, including DKZ‘s Jaechan and former KNK member Park Seoham in Semantic Error, A.C.E‘s Jun in Tinted With You, VIXX‘s Hyuk in Color Rush 2, and many more.

DKZ’s Jaechan and Park Seoham’s kiss in “Sematic Error” | Rakuten Viki
A.C.E’s Jun had a kiss in the drama “Tinted With You”

SF9’s Zuho is also set to star in a BL K-Drama based on the novel series Starstruck. According to reports, he will be playing the lead, opposite actor Park Tae In in a story that follows a young man who falls in love with a childhood friend.

The script for the BL Drama | @SF9_unofficial/Twitter
Zuho and the cast for “StarStruck” | @SF9_unofficial/Twitter

On October 22 (KST), Zuho started a live broadcast with fans. In the video, the idol explained that he had just come out for some air while filming for the K-Drama.

SF9’s Zuho on a live broadcast | SF9/VLIVE

Yet, while talking to fans and since the announcement was made, many FANTASY (SF9 fans) noticed that the idol was getting negative comments about the role. In particular, Zuho seemingly noticed it as well as the idol addressed his views on the project.

During the broadcast, Zuho explained that it didn’t matter what projects, dramas, jobs or love, that everything should be seen as precious. He even added, “There is not one thing that is precious.”

The SF9 member then expressed how he wants to experience a lot of things and, particularly when it comes to his acting roles, he wants to try different types of roles and projects.

In particular, he gained praise for saying, “It’ll be wrong to treat anything with prejudice and everything is precious and should recieve love.”

Zuho then went on to thank all those who have shared their love for him, whether as a person, an idol, and an actor. He added that considering the amount of love he gets, he hopes that everyone in the world can receive the same amount.

In a society with traditional views on love and sexuality, Zuho continued to explain that nobody should be subjected to prejudice. Zuho ended his comments by asking fans to see everything in a good light.

There’s nothing that we should draw a line around and prejudice it, everyone. It’s not everyone but, anyway.

— Zuho

When the video was shared, both SF9 fans and netizens couldn’t stop praising Zuho for his comments. In a world like K-Pop, sexuality is a topic that isn’t often spoken about. Considering how vocal Zuho was about the hateful comments and that they shouldn’t prejudice, it was a huge comment from a popular idol.

Zuho has shown maturity when addressing critics of his role. Along with others, idols are starting to make the topic of sexuality more open in Korean society.

Source: SF9/VLIVE and @sepgoose


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