Shawols Call Out SM Entertainment For Editing SHINee Key’s Statement Regarding KWANGYA

They feel that Key’s creative vision is disrespected.

Shawols are calling out SM Entertainment after the company edited out a part of SHINee‘s Key talking about KWANGYA.

Key | SM Entertainment

Recently, Key made his comeback with his second studio album Gasoline, along with the lead single of the same name.

Last year, he released EP BAD LOVE and the single of the same name.

In his recent comeback show, Key talked about his unique “KEYLAND.” He explained that “BAD LOVE” and “Gasoline” are technically not connected as in it’s not the same world. He made references to KWANGYA while saying it’s not a multiverse.

KWANGYA is the SMCU (SM Culture Universe). It originated with SuperM and NCT 2020. In NCT 2020’s sub-unit, NCT U‘s music video for “90’s Love” released in October 2020, the lyrics suspiciously mentioned the terms “KWANGYA” and “KOSMOS.” Since then, it has been mentioned in music and content from aespaMAX CHANGMIN, and more.

Music video examples. | SM Entertainment

Shawols have noticed that in the replay for Key’s comeback show that the parts in which KWANGYA are mentioned are clearly cut out. So, while he had attempted to clarify that his concepts and music are in no way related to the universe, SM Entertainment chose to remove that.

Shawols are calling out the company for allegedly enforcing their agenda on all their artists against their wishes.

Others have pointed out how Key has faced many difficulties with his solo projects. Not only did SM Entertainment re-use the most unique aspects of his album designs for others…

During an interview, Key revealed he cried on set of the “BAD LOVE” MV and why. His opinions had differed from “the staff’s vote,” resulting in complications. Still, Key fought against all odds. “I decided to trust myself more,” he said.

| Vogue Korea

This is really the first time it happened but after the ‘BAD LOVE’ music video shoot ended, I cried. I didn’t do that even during the debut music video. I guess this album was intense after all. There were time and budget issues, the music video synopsis was scrapped, and I had differences in opinion with people.  There was quite a lot of drama. When the music video shoot ended, those moments flashed by and I felt a strange mix of emotions.

— Key

Considering all this, Shawols believe SM Entertainment is again not respecting Key’s creative vision for the sake of the company’s own.

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