Shilla Hotel Denies Racism Against “365 Days” Actor Michele Morrone

They cite a misunderstanding.

Actor Michele Morrone is currently in South Korea for Netflix promotions for 365 Days. He’s been spending his time touring the city and checking in at Netflix Korea. But on October 28, 2022, Morrone uploaded a story to Instagram where he claimed to have faced racism at the Shilla Hotel, one of Seoul’s most prestigious luxury hotels.

| @iammichelemorroneofficial/Instagram

Shilla Hotel has since responded to the claims. In a statement to Chosun, they denied the claims and turned the tables, reporting that a misunderstanding arose due to a smoking issue.

We do also have rooms that allow smoking. But we cannot confirm with you what type of room Morrone was staying in, as it is considered his personal information. It is impossible for a hotel to show preferential treatment to only Asians. I think there was a misunderstanding between us. We have solved the misunderstanding now and it is to our knowledge that he has deleted the post from social media. We will always do our best to make sure guests that stay with us do not experience discomfort.

— Shilla Hotel Representative

After a check done on his socials, as of 6pm KST, October 28, 2022, the accusatory story is still up on Morrone’s Instagram Stories with an hour left to expiry.

Source: Chosun
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