Shin Hae Chul’s last recorded song to be released to fans

On October 27th, Korea’s rock legend Shin Hae Chul passed away due to complications following surgery for cardiac arrest, leaving one final gift for fans behind.Before passing away, Shin Hae Chul sang and recorded a single with his fellow artists of the 90s, including Seo Taiji, Kim Jong Seo and Lee Seung Hwan. The project, titled “90s Icon”, was finished recently and was meant to be a new single for the three singers. However, with the sudden turn of events, this project became Shin Hae Chul’s last song.

According to the company, Shin Hae Chul collaborated with fellow musicians Seo Taiji, Lee Seung Hwan and Kim Jong Seo, due to the fact that they were the ones who made the 90s in Korea a lot more fruitful and musical.

The collaboration was originally meant to be released straight after mixing and mastering, but with the sudden tragedy that shocked Korea, the song is still waiting to be released. Currently, the other singers and Shin Hae Chul’s family are in discussion of its release date.

Another associate has also stated that “the project was done in such secrecy, even the managers and companies did not know of this either.”

Rest in Peace, Shin Hae Chul, Korea’s greatest musician.

Source: Sports Dong A