Shin Hae Chul to appear posthumously on final broadcast, “Inside Story Salon”

Earlier in the week, we reported that Shin Hae Chul‘s last program was being considered to air, posthumously. Now, JTBC has revealed that they will indeed be releasing the late-singers final broadcast.

On October 27th, Korea’s most influential musician passed away, bringing countless fans and lovers into tears all around the country. While Shin Hae Chul’s death brought shock and sadness to Korea, the media is also on emergency as well.

Before his death, the singer participated alongside three other MCs on a new show titled, “Inside Story Salon”. The show which was originally set to air in October was  postponed indefinitely due to Shin Hae Chul’s sudden passing.

Now, JTBC has now announced that the episode will air on November 2nd at 8AM KST after long discussions within the station and with Shin Hae Chul’s family. The parties revealed they want his last moments to be shared with his fans and and to pay respects to the late legend of Korean music.

Source: X Sports News