Shin Hae Chul’s passing reaches Seo Taiji

On October 27th, Shin Hae Chul passed away a week after his initial cardiac arrest and surgery. Many celebrities, politicians, agencies and companies have been expressing their condolences following the shocking news.

The rock icon passed away due to an unforeseen heart attack, and Seo Taiji, one of his closest friend and family of Shin Hae Chul, is waiting to go to the hospital to see Shin Hae Chul’s family, who have asked to delay guests’ arrival.

Seo Taiji and Shin Hae Chul are very closely related together in many ways: The two are actually related by blood, and they are the most influential figures of K-Rock especially during the 90s where Shin Hae Chul led his infamously wild group N.EX.T, while Seo Taiji led his own, Seo Taiji Band.

Shin Hae Chul suffered from a cardiac arrest, resulting in his hospitalization and later surgery. Despite a successful surgery after three hours, the artist did not gain consciousness for six days until his passing on October 27th at 8:19pm KST.

Rest in peace Shin Hae Chul, the greatest rocker, musician, artist and the one and only King of Darkness (mawang) of Korea.

Source: News 1