Netizens Want To See Kim Tae Hee And Shin Hye Sun In A Drama Together— Here’s Why

Count us in!

During the last episode of JTBC’s Welcome to Samdalri, actress Kim Tae Hee made a special guest appearance and shocked viewers. Even before the episode aired, the still cuts of the actress were posted online.

Kim Tae Hee | Sports DongA

She made the show’s special appearance to support the scriptwriter, Kwon Hye Joo, whom Kim worked with in the drama Hi, Bye, Mama.

The production team stated, “Kim Tae Hee added a special touch to the final episode with her appearance. We want to thank her for appearing on the show.”

Recently, a behind-the-scenes clip of Kim Tae Hee and Shin Hye Sun was revealed online and gained much attention from netizens.

Kim Tae Hee: Why are you so tall? It feels like I am talking with a male actor!
Shin Hye Sun: Next time let’s film a melodrama together.

Fans that saw this wanted to see the two of them do a drama together immediately!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Melodrama, yes please!”
  • “Get right to it!”
  • “So cute after receiving the hot pack.”
  • “So cute together.”
  • “Lololol.”
  • “Shin Hye Sun is really tall…so jealous!”
  • “A melodrama with these two? Yes please. I love how Shin Hye Sun’s reactions are so fancy.”
Source: sports dongA and theqoo