Actress Shin Hye Sun Chosen As Model For Mask Brand — Netizens Oppose Due To Her Participation In “Mr. Queen”

“Mr. Queen” was previously fraught with controversy.

Actress Shin Hye Sun was recently chosen as a model for a mask brand. Given the current day and age where masks have become a necessity, healthcare company We Must M announced her as their model. Their CEO expressed that as she has a kind and bright image, it suits their brand well.

However, many netizens have begun to express their dissatisfaction towards the choice in model. Shin Hye Sun’s latest drama, Mr. Queen, was previously met with much controversy. Not only was the drama claimed to have been adapted from an author that made negative comments about South Korea, some of the scenes in Mr. Queen itself have been claimed as problematic.

| tvN

A line in the show insulted a revered historical record, The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, calling it speculated rumors. Some have also brought up the opinion that the show distorted history with its portrayal of Queen Shin Jeong.

Although tvN has already apologized for Mr. Queen, many still are opposed to Shin Hye Sun. This is due to an interview Shin Hye Sun gave regarding Mr. Queen prior to the controversy. She had declared that when she received and read the script, she thought that if she did not take the project up, she would live to regret it. Netizens questioned her intentions if she took up the project even after reading the script in advance.

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Naturally, consumers are not taking positively to the news of We Must M selecting her as their model. They have been flooding the brand’s home page with protests against her.

Source: theqoo and theqoo
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