Move Over Ji A—Shin Ji Yeon Is The New “Single’s Inferno” Body Hottie That Korean Netizens Are Obsessed With

She has the visuals, the body, and the brains!

Single’s Inferno recently concluded its Netflix reign this past weekend and viewers cannot stop talking about the dating series. With a cast of a dozen hot singles, it’s no surprise that each contestant went on to see overnight stardom following their appearance on the reality show.

“Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

Like any other program, some of the cast members received the spotlight more than others, but one particular female contestant has started to belatedly make headlines for her perfect body proportions—and it’s none other than Shin Ji Yeon.

Shin Ji Yeon on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

The 24-year-old (international age) captivated viewers and the male contestants right upon her arrival due to her stunning visuals. And while her idol-like looks were widely praised worldwide, her fit physique seemingly went unnoticed due to her fellow female contestants.

Instagram photo on Shin Ji Yeon’s deleted account | theqoo

With Kang Soyeon‘s athletic body…

Kang So Yeon | @kangsoyeon__/Instagram

Ji A‘s barbie-like physique…

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/Instagram

…and Ye Won‘s perfectly sculpted body, it’s no wonder Ji Yeon slipped under the radar!

Ye Won | @yeah.w__/Instagram

However, a Korean netizen shed light on the gorgeous Single’s Inferno contestant following the finale of the show. In one of the final episodes, all of the contestants were instructed to put on swim wear in preparation for a game. While the other female contestants all dressed in shorts and tank tops, it was Shin Ji Yeon’s full body rash guards that stole the show.

Female contestants of “Single’s Inferno”, Ji Yeon (black hat, 3rd from right) | Netflix

In a form fitting long sleeve and full length legging rash guards, the 24-year-old college student showed off her hidden physique—which included her incredibly tiny waist! Do y’all see this?! Look at that waist-to-hip ratio!

| Netflix

Given her exercise regime, however, we should have all seen this coming. A clip of the Single’s Inferno star working out began to make its rounds online, as netizens began to express their jealousy.

As if her body proportions weren’t insane enough, her previous intellect and visual accolades were re-highlighted. Shin Ji Yeon’s impressive background was previously shared on one of the Single’s Inferno episodes, which revealed her status as a University of Toronto student, where she is studying neuroscience.

| Netflix

Not only does she has an incredible body, but she also has the brains—and that’s not all. As if that weren’t enough, it was revealed that Shin Ji Yeon’s visuals were put to the test when she was crowned the winner of a beauty pageant!

The Single’s Inferno contestant came in third place at the 2020 Miss Chunhyang, knocking almost all her competitors to their feet. This is an incredible feat as numerous female celebrities started their careers by participating in this particular pageant, such as actress Lee Da HaeSquid Game actress Kim Joo Ryung, and more!

Shin Ji Yeon crowned as the winner of “2020 Miss Chunhyang” | theqoo

Her visuals, her body, and her brains began to cultivate widespread jealousy among Korean netizens, as they all unanimously agreed that God definitely has favorites.

| theqoo
  • “Her body is the best of the best.”
  • “She has it all…”
  • “She has the face, the body, and she’s tall.”
  • “Her face is pretty, but her body is even more amazing.”
  • “Her life must be pretty fun.”
| @jiiiyeonie__/Instagram

What a gal! We can totally see why Se Hoon became so smitten with her from the start.

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Source: WikiTree and theqoo

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