Shin Min Ah To Star In New Fake Marriage K-Drama Rom-Com With Rookie Star Lee Jong Won

A fake marriage contract? We can’t wait.

Actor Lee Jong Won will finally be getting a chance to shine! He will be playing the lead role opposite veteran star Shin Min Ah in new rom-com I Don’t Want To Lose Out (literally translated title).

According to an investigation on August 3, 2023, by Sports Today, he was confirmed to have been casted as the male lead. The K-Drama tells the tale of a fake marriage, where the male lead becomes the fake groom to a woman, because he does not want to impose any loss or damage on her.

Shin Min Ah will play the female lead, Son Hae Young, a pun on the word for “loss” in Korean, “son hae.” Lee Jong Won will play Kim Ji Wook, a civilian patroller in the neighborhood, who also is the night shift part-timer at the convenience store. He is unable to refuse anyone who needs help. One day, the angel meets the devil, as he crosses paths with the troublesome convenience store regular, Son Hae Young. He receives a suspicious proposal from her.

The drama will be helmed by the writer behind Her Private Life, raising anticipation for hilarious yet heart-warming scenarios. It is set to air in the second half of 2024.

Source: Stoo