Actress Shin Min Ah Makes Her Return To The Big Screen In Movie “Diva”

This is her first movie role since 2014.

Apart from a small cameo in 2016’s A Quiet Dream, this is Shin Min Ah‘s return to the big screen in six years, since 2014’s My Love, My Bride. The sassy actress is known for much loved drama works including romcoms My Girlfriend is A Gumiho and Oh My Venus, but this time, she’s taking on a more serious character in diving mystery, Diva.

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On the 13th of August, the movie opened a press conference. Slated for September, the movie is one about a diving star athlete that gets into a car accident with best friend and fellow diver. When she returns, she discovers she has lost her memory and her best friend is missing. She has to navigate the diving world all over again, while both preserving her rightful place at the top and uncovering the mystery behind her accident.

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As the training process was very long, the movie’s completion took time as well. Shin Min Ah stated that the work to her was a very precious one, as it took lots of effort from the preparation to the filming. She is excited about the premiere soon, and stressed that she is as excited for it as the amount of work she put into it.

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The cast is rounded out by Lee Yoo Young, Lee Kyu Hyung and Oh Ha Nee. Although a set date has yet to be revealed, the movie is slated for premiere next month in September. Check out the trailer below!

Source: Chosun