This Top Actress Is Hitting Peak Visuals After Switching Ambassadorships From Gucci To Celine

It suits her so much better.

Actress Shin Min Ah once served as the ambassador for Gucci. She helped popularize their bamboo bag collection in the late 2010s.

| Gucci

She managed to pull off all their extravagant designs when logo play was at its peak.

As of December 2023, Shin Min Ah has switched ambassadorships to luxury brand Celine. She was picked up as soon as her contract with Gucci ended. She shot a pictorial for Celine with W Magazine recently.

She suited their sporty chic style perfectly.

Celine’s quiet luxury style highlights Shin Min Ah’s beauty.

As she is in her thirties, the casual chic style is definitely on brand for her.

She makes athletic-wear look luxurious too!

Netizens are loving the switch.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Wow, the very epitome of Celine.
  • She’s insane in the pictures with sunglasses.
  • A perfect fit with Celine.
  • I was like “Celine?” Then I clicked in and it was right.
  • F*cking pretty.
  • Oh, she really suits it.
  • I thought that it would be Celine and I was right. She’s a perfect fit for it.
  • Wow.
  • Wow, it’s the prettiest photos I’ve ever seen of Shin Min Ah.

Shin Min Ah’s vibe and characteristics definitely suit quiet luxury more than logoplay! What a refreshing change.


Source: theqoo