“She Makes Everything Funny” — Actress Shin Ye Eun Takes The Most Epic Mirror Selfie Ever

She tried the trending selfie-ception pose.

Actress Shin Ye Eun stunned everyone with her realistic acting in The Glory. She played the younger version of antagonist Yeon Jin, scaring viewers with how good she was at acting like a bully.

The impact of her as Yeon Jin was so strong that many began to overly associate her with the character. Despite this, her funny personality that shone on variety shows managed to help erase the impression of her as Yeon Jin. Fans loved seeing how down-to-earth and hilarious she was in real life. She gained immense popularity on The Salty Tour for her unpretentious reactions.

More recently, she went viral for her hilarious mirror selfies. Shin Ye Eun tried to emulate the currently trending mirror selfies using a handphone. Here is an example by TWICE‘s Nayeon.

She tried her best after her fans made a request through Dear. U Bubble.

“Unnie, can you take a mirror selfie like the one that’s been trending? Put your phone on selfie mode and bring it to the mirror. So it looks like there’s a few of you in the frame.” Well, I don’t know what you guys mean…”

— Shin Ye Eun

Despite not fully getting what the fan meant, she tried her best.

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Theoretically, her photos can be considered a success.

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Even though she followed the steps, something was a little bit off.

I screwed up. I think I’ll get a hunched neck from that.

— Shin Ye Eun

Netizens loved how relatable she was.

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  • She’s almost like a friend, LOL.
  • Ah, she’s so lovable.
  • F*ck LOL. F*cking cute.
  • Cute.
  • It gives “Customer, what about this product?” … LMAO.
  • F*ck LOL Is that right???
  • Ah, cute LOL.

We hope she never changes!

Source: theqoo