Actress Shin Ye Eun Unintentionally Reveals Her True Height And Weight

She only meant to reveal her height!

Actress Shin Ye Eun has always been known for her svelte figure. Ever since her days as a Music Bank MC, fans always wowed at her naturally small frame. Her slim arms and thin waist have been a point of envy for many.

While most knew that she was slim, fans were shocked to realize that Shin Ye Eun was taller than most expected! Through a recent Instagram story, she revealed her updated height as of November 2021. She shared that she had been into ballet recently, and credits that to her growth in height.

I grew in height! Is it due to ballet..?

— Shin Ye Eun

While Shin Ye Eun meticulously made sure to cover the first number of her weight with a sticker, eagle-eyed fans still managed to figure out her weight by her height and BMI. As BMI is calculated through a fixed formula involving one’s height and weight, fans easily deduced that she was only 93 lbs (42.2 kg)!

Of course, her tiny waist already proves it.

| @__shinyeeun/Instagram

However, it is important to note that while her figure seems enviable…

| @__shinyeeun/Instagram

…she has always been this petite in size. Some people just have fast metabolisms! It is unhealthy to force yourself to fit into standards tailored to others. Make sure to put your health first!