“It’s All My Fault” — Actress Shin Ye Eun Shows Her True Personality With A Long Apology To A Specific Fan

No one is kinder than her.

Actress Shin Ye Eun has been on the rise ever since she acted as the young Yeon Jin in The Glory.

Shin Ye Eun in The Glory. | Nate Pann

While her acting skills have already been confirmed through the role, her kind personality has been proven repeatedly. This time, she impressed with the way she took the time to write a long message to a special fan. The fan had gifted her with customized AirPods, but Shin Ye Eun had misplaced them. Feeling sorry and upset, she took to Dear. U Bubble to apologize.

| @showidolbiz_/Twitter

You know… I truly contemplated before saying this but… This is a message for one particular fan! Hmm… I… Hmm… I’m really sorry, but I think I lost the customized AirPods that I received as a gift previously. Ever since I got back from Hawaii, I’ve been searching for them continuously, every day even, and I asked everyone around me. I also searched for them while cleaning, and I even asked in case I left them at my family’s house. But I couldn’t find them in the end…

I will continue to search for them in the future, but in case I ever see you again, if you ask me if I’m using the AirPods well, I don’t think I can lie, but I’d be too sorry to tell you that I lost them too. I wondered what I should do about it, so I’m leaving the message here.

They have my puppy, and even a soccer ball drawn on them, so I really bragged about it here and there and treated it so preciously, so I don’t know how I lost them. There’s a place where I always leave them, but one day, it just wasn’t there… It is my fault, and I’m really sorry about it. I’ve been so upset, and my mood has been continuously bad but thinking that the fan who gave them to me will be even more hurt about it makes me really sorry and careful about it.

It’s all due to my carelessness. In your letter, you even said to use them well. I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill that. If you feel hurt or bad, please tell me! I’ll continue to search for them. I’m truly sorry.

— Shin Ye Eun

Her sincere and adorable apology truly shows just how kind she is in real life. We’re sure that the fan who gifted the AirPods to her will forgive her for the genuine mistake.

Source: Twitter
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