“Shincheonji Cult” Reportedly Makes Delusional Claims About Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Gum

“I will recruit Park Seo Joon to be a loyal subject of my country.” – Shincheonji Believer

A recent episode of MBC’s PD Note covered the infamous Shincheonji “cult” regarding their believers’ secretive practices and beliefs.


The reason for the coverage is the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in Korea, which was greatly worsened once one of the believers of Shincheonji spread the virus within her church.



Ever since the church was established in 1984, Shincheonji received much criticism for its direct yet secretive methods of propagating their religion.

The leader of the church named, Lee Man Hee, is often referred to as the “King of Devils” and “The Peace Lion That Never Dies” amongst the believers.

According to the producers, the believers are made to believe that once they reach 144,000 believers, they will be able to obtain eternal life and the authority to rule over all countries, which is what motivates them to continue propagating their religion.

According to a former believer of Shincheonji, the believers make constant remarks such as “Once Shincheonji reaches 144,000 believers, we’ll rule over the world“, “It will become Shincheonji’s world“, and “People will start begging us to accept them into our church“.

Furthermore, the believers reportedly make remarks to each other such as “I’m going to rule over Spain“, “I’m going to rule over France“, and “I’m going to rule over Busan“.

But that’s not all. The former believer added that the female believers talk about famous Koreans such as Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Gum while talking about their future rule.

I will recruit Park Seo Joon to be a loyal subject of my country.

I will recruit Park Bo Gum to be a loyal subject of my country.

– Shincheonji Believers

According to the former believer, the believers of the church believe that once they rule over all the land, they will be provided with mansions as well as foreign luxury cars.

Following the rapid increase in cases following the 31st case, which was a believer of Shincheonji, there are currently 7755 cases of COVID-19 in Korea with 6929  in Daegu and 193 in Seoul.

Source: Insight