“Shawol Culture Things”: This Unspoken Rule At A SHINee Concert Goes Viral

Did you know this existed?

SHINee‘s Onew recently held his solo concert, O-NEW-NOTE, on March 5, 2023.

The concert was attended as part of a “trend experience” segment on comedian Kim Yong Myung‘s YouTube channel. It was his very first SHINee concert and what everyone did from the start of the concert shocked him. He had just settled into his seat for the opening, when all the Shawols got up to stand.

This is actually an unspoken rule at every SHINee concert. In past concerts, Minho would give a *bombastic side-eye* to anyone who dared go against the rule!

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The members would also hype the crowd up by jumping on stage.

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The SHINee members themselves are not exempt from the rule. When Minho, Taemin, and Key attended Onew’s concert, they stood up in full support.

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Fans have said that standing up helps you enjoy the concert more. One even shared that they lost a total of 5kg after attending all three days of a SHINee concert.

Netizens expressed their surprise at the culture.

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  • “For real? LOL”
  • “That’s right. I went to another idol’s concert after only going to SHINee’s, and I was like, ‘gotta get up‘ when the concert seemed like it was starting, but I was embarrassed because I was the only one that stood up. Like, it’s not normal for people to stand…? LOL, and the mosh has chairs, so it’s super good to go for mosh tickets.”
  • “Their legs will hurt.”
  • “I want to go to a SHINee concert.”
  • “Love it. The excitement level is different.”
  • “Minho’s eyes are so funny LOL.”

Even if you’re not lucky enough to attend one of their concerts, you can check out Kim Yong Myung’s experience below!

Source: theqoo