SHINee Dedicates Performance To Jonghyun On “Radio Star”

He will never be forgotten.

SHINee guested on Radio Star on May 30 and for the ending performance, dedicated their stage to their late member Jonghyun.


The members talked about how Jonghyun’s passing affected them all, with Minho saying they were very worried about appearing on broadcast after.

“We weren’t just hesitating about Radio Star, but actually it seems like we were worried about going on broadcast itself. In the end when you go on variety you have to make it fun, so I thought ‘this is the right thing’. We thought it was the right thing to release an album and continue on with promotions.” — Minho


Taemin revealed that the tragedy has affected his way of thinking.

“It changed my disposition. I was having this greed towards solo promotions when I realized ‘I really like my members’.” — Taemin


Onew couldn’t keep his word, as he said he shouldn’t cry, but still ended up shedding some tears.


Taemin explained that he thought the incident would be the beginning of an end for SHINee, but they fought through it.

“We always thought ‘we should show something good for everyone’. But we have been doing this for 10 years, what was the result? When I couldn’t get over [Jonghyun’s passing], both myself and the members thought that we really would fall off (fade away). I thought we had to overcome this.” — Taemin


Minho finished by saying that even though things are still not completely okay with them, the 4 members still being together and being open about it will help strengthen them.

“Everything is not okay. I think if the 4 of us are together with our thoughts, we will also give each other strength. It’s not like we can’t avoid this topic on broadcast, so just like Key said, this is something we wanted to talk about.” — Minho


They chose the song “An Encore” as their ending stage and explained that they chose it for after discussing between themselves.

“This is a song we chose after all discussing together. Like the lyrics, 4 members or 5, we will all stand together and do well in the future.” — Onew


Watch their full performance below: