SHINee Reported To Be Preparing For A Group Comeback Slated February 2021

SHINee’s back! *whisper*

Shawols, put yo’ hands up! SHINee has been reported to be in the midst of preparations for a comeback slated for February 2021. This will be their first comeback in 3 years. As the band is back together, Sports Today has reported that the group has something brewing.

Previously in November 2020, the group already spoiled some group comeback plans briefly, teasing fans with news that they had a meeting for album matters. During SM Entertainment‘s recent live stream concert, the comeback was also teased with a clip that displayed, “2021 SHINee IS BACK“.

With Onew, Minho and Key out from the military, they’ve finally been reunited with their baby maknae, Taemin. On the other hand, Taemin has completed yet another successful round of solo promotions with “IDEA”.

SM Entertainment has since confirmed the comeback with Newsen, stating that the group was indeed preparing for a new album and would be releasing news officially when the plans are firmed up.

Source: Sports Today and Newsen