SHINee’s Key Explains What Semi Casual Is Once And For All

Key is our dream fashion advisor!

Many people have a hard time deciding how to dress for a semi casual dress code. Thankfully, SHINee‘s Key has the answer!

Key recently appeared on SaeSaFaTV’s first episode of Fashion Discussion entitled “My goodness Monami-look…we’re tired of it, tired of it! Kibum will help you decide on a work look and an interview look!”

In the episode, Key sat down with designer Yoni P., model Song Yae Na, and model Jung Hyuk to help viewers figure out how to dress semi casually for work.

Yoni P. pointed out that each company may define semi casual differently, and that bigger companies tend to have stricter dress codes than smaller companies.

Then, the group shared which clothing items they think best fit a semi casual dress code. They decided that slacks, long skirts, and jackets can all be used to put together a semi casual look.

To make sure viewers fully understood how to dress semi casually for work, Key prepared a segment in which he and the fashion experts decided whether or not outfits worn by employees of Samsung C&T were semi casual.

The group decided that the first outfit struck the right balance between looking effortless and professional at the same time.

Key decided that the material used for the jacket and pants in the second outfit wasn’t very casual, but the shirt and shoes the employee chose added a more relaxed feel to her look.

One viewer told the Fashion Discussion cast that they wear a white t-shirt with black pants to work, but people tell them they look like a black and white Monami pen.


Key told the viewer that they can add silver chains and other accessories to spruce up their outfit and avoid the plain black and white look.

Overall, Key and the rest of the cast recommended balancing formal pieces with more casual pieces to pull off a semi casual, office ready look. Then, top the look off with accessories to add your own personal style.

Check out the full video below for more of Key’s fashion insights!

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