Which K-Pop Idol Would Wear This, Except It’s Literally SHINee’s Key

He’s the icon of genderless fashion.

SHINee‘s Key is famous for his creative and expressive fashion, and he always leaves everyone stunned by his insane visuals. His latest music video, “Gasoline,” was jam-packed with impressive outfits, but there was one fit that stuck out in particular.


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♬ 가솔린 Gasoline – KEY

There are many tweets within the K-Pop community where someone asks which idol would wear a particular outfit, and oftentimes, it’s genderless fashion that fans want to see on their idols. Key has always been one to blur the boundaries of gender in fashion, and this outfit from “Gasoline” drove fans wild.

This multi-cutout bodysuit looks amazing on Key, magnifying his already insane charisma when he performs.

In an interview with Billboard, Key explained why many of his outfits were genderless. He wanted a look that could impact and inspire all genders, and it’s an influence he’s always wanted to have as a celebrity.

It was about figuring out fashion that can go both ways, creating a look that can impact and influence all genders when it came to conceptualization.

— Key

This isn’t the first time Key has expressed his desire to represent genderless fashion. To Key, as a celebrity, he wants to show both men and women that it’s okay to wear the clothes or makeup he does. No discrimination, no gender boundaries. For Key, the only difference between men and women in fashion is size.

His outlook on fashion began when he noticed his fans, especially his female fans, wearing the same things as the members of SHINee. He realized then that there was no need for boundaries in fashion, and in an interview with Allure, he expressed that he hopes to one day see a world where everyone can wear whatever they want without judgment.

I’m wishing for a day when seeing women only wearing men’s clothing,  just this person doing this and this person doing that, is completely natural and no one will bat an eye.

 — Key

Picture is for illustrative purposes only | SMTOWN/YouTube

Key’s impact on the fashion world knows no bounds, and as he continues to represent genderless fashion, there’s no doubt that many others, regardless of gender, will follow in his footsteps and embrace the style they love.

Source: Billboard and Allure