SHINee’s Key “Calls Out” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun For Never Calling Him — And She Responds

We cannot with this duo 😂

An interaction between SHINee‘s Key and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun has been making headlines for their hilarity. The reason? Key recently “called out” the Girls’ Generation member during a V Live session for never calling him or his other label mates!

During the V Live, Key and Taemin can be seen driving in a car to an unknown location. It was during their drive that they began listening to Girls’ Generation’s debut song, “Into The New World,” which sparked Key to air out his “complaints” to his former label mate.

Seohyun-ah have you been doing well? Seohyun-ah I know you changed labels, but I can’t believe you never call!

— SHINee’s Key

And while the hilarious call-out session may have been just that, Seohyun recently took the time to respond to her former label mate’s question in a vlog. The Girls’ Generation member started off the segment by acknowledging Key’s adorable frustrations and responded,

I miss you friends. Have you been well Kibum-ah (Key’s birth name)? Have you been well Minho-ya? Honestly, I did contact them not too long ago. Kibum kept saying that I haven’t been calling them after changing agencies so I made the decision to contact them for the first time in awhile.

— Seohyun

However, Seohyun hilariously explained the reason why she hasn’t been able to get into contact with her same-age SHINee friends!

But I think his number is no longer in service haha I wondered if the number was actually Kibum’s so I texted the ever fiery and charismatic Minho asking him ‘hey is this Kibum’s number’ to which Minho responded that it was and that’s how I contacted him.

— Seohyun

The Girls’ Generation member concluded her little SHINee shoutout by expressing how much she loves their songs.

Anyways, I’m enjoying listening to your guys’ songs. No but really, no matter how many times I listen to SHINee’s songs, I never get sick of them.

— Seohyun

Seohyun left SM Entertainment back in October of 2017 after her contract ended with the label. And while she may now be signed under Namoo Actors, she still remains close with her former label mates, as well as her fellow Girls’ Generation members.

Seohyun and Key | @seojuhyun_s/Instagram

We love their hilarious interaction and we hope for more of them in the future! Be sure to check out Seohyun’s vlog down below.

Source: theqoo