SHINee’s Key And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveal Why The Bathroom Is The Most Important Thing To Consider During A Couples’ Trip

“As my experience from having tried hotels from all over the world before…”

SHINee‘s Key and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon have recently been starring in their own variety talk show, Taengkey Box. On one of the latest episodes, Taeyeon and Key discussed a must have during a couple’s trip.

A young viewer had sent in a story that she was about to embark on her first overnight trip with her boyfriend. She sought help from Taeyeon and Key on what to take note of. Key did not hesitate as he pointed out that checking the bathroom when booking accommodations was the most important thing ever…

The toilet. Yes, you heard that right! Taeyeon of course, agreed immediately. You might be thinking, “what on earth” but hear them out!

More specifically, the distance between the toilet and the main area is very important. When you’re doing your business in there, you wouldn’t want your lover to hear all the ongoings, would you?

The first thing you need to do is to book the accommodations. As my experience from having tried hotels from all over the world before, the bathroom should be far. It’s honestly even uncomfortable when you go with the same gender. If you go with someone you don’t know that well… I don’t even want to let them hear me shower or me doing my business. I don’t even want to let them know what music I listen to in there. There should be two bathrooms or the bathroom should be very far from where you will mainly hang out.

— Key

Of course, the worst thing would be a toilet with glass walls. Key pointed out that some glass walls would be frosted like the ones in the studio, but even those were a terrible idea.

In conclusion, for new couples especially, checking the accommodations would be the most important part of preparations for the trip. Take it from someone who’s been to countless hotels with his group members himself!

Check out the full clip below.