SHINee’s Key Went From Ronald McDonald Meme To McDonald’s Official CF Model

We’ve come full circle!

SHINee‘s Key has gone from Ronald McDonald meme…

SHINee’s Key as Ronald McDonald (left) and Onew as Colonel Sanders (right) | SM Entertainment

…to McDonald’s new official CF model.

| McDonald’s Korea

As you already know, SHINee are the “kings of Halloween” at SM Entertainment‘s annual Halloween party, SMTOWN Wonderland. The year that Key and Onew dressed up as the iconic fast-food chain mascots, Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders, respectively, went down in history.

Not only did their fighting become a viral video, but Key dressing up as Ronald McDonald is now one of the most recognizable memes that even went viral among non-K-Pop fans.

Years ago, McDonald’s gave Key a gift after his Ronald McDonald costume sparked so much interest in the fast food chain.

| SM Entertainment & McDoanld’s’ Korea

Now, it has come full circle as Key was revealed as the latest McDonald’s Korea CF model.

McDonald’s Korea has begun sharing commercials, featuring Key, on the brand’s social media. We seriously can’t think of a better person to represent McDonald’s!

Last year, he and Onew unexpectedly appeared in a KFC ad. Read more below.

SHINee’s Key And Onew Unexpectedly Appear In Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad


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