SHINee’s Key Is The Best And Worst Wingman To GOT7’s BamBam 

He’s trying his best!

SHINee‘s Key recently appeared on GOT7 BamBam‘s YouTube program, Bam House. Throughout the episode, the longtime friends chatted about several things, including the guest BamBam wants to appear on his show the most!

SHINee’s Key and GOT7’s BamBam | Bam House

It’s no secret that BamBam is a huge fan of Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon and has often cited her as his idol. He’s even shared that he used to go to her fan signs back when he was a trainee!

After discussing how he was a fan of all SM Entertainment artists, BamBam asks Key how Taeyeon is doing. Key, at first, is unwilling to give anything, saying that it is her business, fine or not.

BamBam admits that the ultimate goal of his show is to get her to appear on it. Hilariously, Key offers the advice of asking her as though BamBam has not already attempted that.

Key advises that he needs to have a “calm build-up” to invite her to the show again and that she needs to be given time to think about it. BamBam readily absorbs this information.

Later in the show, Key seems to tease BamBam when he asks him to deliver a greeting to Taeyeon. Key then nonchalantly says that while chatting with her recently, Taeyeon admitted to knowing about Bam House.

These hilarious moments of Key being both the best and worst “wingman” made this episode extra funny. Check it out below.