SHINee Minho’s Actions Towards NCT’s Chenle And Jisung On “M Countdown” Showcases His True Personality

It was a completely candid moment.

SM Entertainment is well known for promoting and marketing its idols as a “family” unit that can depend on and support one another through good and bad times. Evidence of this is seen in multiple collaboration stages between SM idols, usually at annual SM Town concerts, and their two supergroups, SuperM and GOT The Beat.

SM Entertainment group GOT The Beat | @smtown/Instagram

Artists at SM Entertainment also aren’t afraid to show their affection for one another, typically appearing on the content of their fellow singers through TikTok and YouTube.

SM Entertainment groups Red Velvet and aespa | @Deezer/Twitter

The powerful bond between singers at SM Entertainment cannot be denied, but perhaps it is most apparent in the candid, nonscripted moments between their idols. SHINee‘s Minho showed how much he loved and supported his junior group NCT DREAM when they won first place at the music show M Countdown.

Minho was also a nominee to win first place with his single “Chase,” but instead of sulking, he rejoiced when NCT DREAM won.

Traditionally, groups will fulfill one wish for their fans after winning at a music show to show their appreciation for their support. This time, NCT DREAM brought out wrapped candies to eat while cutely singing the winning song, “Candy.” NCTzens, NCT’s official fandom, noticed that Minho was a caring and thoughtful senior once again when he helped NCT’s Chenle unwrap his candy.

Minho also helped NCT’s Jisung eat his candy when his hands were full.

NCTzens appreciated the kindness and care Minho showed to his junior members. Their strong affection for one another is a beautiful sight to see!