SHINee’s Minho Was Furious When He Read TVXQ Changmin’s Letter In The Military — Because Changmin’s A Troll

Changmin wrote Minho a letter just to troll him.

On a recent episode of KBS‘s Problem Child in House, SHINee‘s Minho raved about how much support he received from TVXQ‘s Changmin while he served in the military.

According to Minho, that he was only allowed to read one letter a day in the military despite how many he received from family, friends, and fans.

No matter how many letters I got, I could only read the first one I received that day. And one day, I received one from Changmin Hyung.

— Minho

But apparently, Changmin failed to get his letter read multiple times until he finally succeeded.

Changmin Hyung told me that his first letter didn’t get through, and neither did his second. So he said he waited until midnight and immediately sent out his letter.

— Minho

Minho shared that he teared up at the touching letter.

I teared up when I read, ‘You must be having a hard time in there.’

— Minho

However, those tears dried up real quick out of fury.

That’s because Changmin hilariously spoiled the ending of Avengers: Endgame, which Minho couldn’t watch before enlisting in the military.

Changmin Hyung managed to fit all those spoilers in that small letter. When I saw that spoiler, my tears dried up.

— Minho

Regardless, Minho stressed that he was still touched by the gesture.

Thinking that he waited until midnight to write that letter touches me still.

— Minho

Changmin’s such a troll.

| tvxq/Facebook

But a sweet troll, at that.

Source: Insight
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