SHINee’s Minho Just Ended All Models With His New Acting Profile Photos

Minho proves he has the range in these new photos!

SM Entertainment just revealed new photos for Minho from SHINee‘s acting profile, and he looks beyond amazing!

Minho shows he can pull off a wide variety of concepts in the new photos. He shows his serious side in both a cream and an all-black suit, and he gives us a glimpse of his more laidback side in a t-shirt and jeans.

| @choiminho_1209/Instagram

Minho made his acting debut in 2010, and these pictures have us excited to see more of him on screen!

He previously starred in Salamander Guru and the Shadows and To the Beautiful You, and he appeared in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth alongside BTS‘s V. Recently, he appeared in Lovestruck in the City.

Minho in Lovestruck in the City | Star News

Minho is set to return to our screens with a cameo in actress Kim Go Eun‘s upcoming drama, Yumi’s Cells.

In a press release by SM Entertainment, Minho said he wants “to meet more diverse characters in the future,” and we can’t wait to see more of Actor Minho!

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