New Photos Of SHINee’s Minho In The Military Show How He’s Changed Since Enlisting

It’s been a month since his enlistment.

It’s been a month since SHINee‘s Minho enlisted in the Marine Corps to fulfill his mandatory military services as a male Korean citizen. New photos were recently released and Minho was spotted looking healthy and well as he adapts to his military life.


The new photos showed Minho during his basic training as he learned how to run with a heavy loaded backpack and military gun.


He also sported the signature closely-shaven buzz cut, which did nothing to hide his stunning visuals.


Minho became the first SM artist to be accepted into the Marine Corps. He’s also the third member of SHINee to enlist after Onew and Key.


Judging from the newly released photos, Minho appears to be the star military recruit who’s ready to answer his nation’s calling!


Needless to say, fans and netizens alike were stunned by his outstanding visuals and his dedication to serve his country with passion.


It’ll be a few years until Minho is discharged from the military, and fans will have to wait patiently while admiring this new side to Minho!

Source: Top Star News