SHINee’s Minho Voluntarily Refuses Military Leave Days And Early Discharge

He’s receiving praise for his decision.

During the pandemic, many army men in service were given the option of using their remaining leave days so as to be able to discharge without returning to the military base. Essentially, this would grant them early discharge as they are able to go about civilian life before the official discharge date. However, SHINee‘s Minho was reported to have given up his military leave days in order to discharge directly from the naval base.

| @rokmchq/Instagram

The Republic of Korea Marine Corps released a post on their official Instagram, praising Minho for his actions. They shared that he was supposed to have an early release from the base on 27 October 2020, with an off-site discharge on 15 November. However, Minho had given up his 20 days of leave in order to remain at the base to help train his juniors.

| @littlefreak0923/Twitter

Many netizens have been leaving praise on the Instagram post, complimenting him for his decision.

  • “You’re really cool until the end.”
  • “As expected, Minho is Minho.”
  • “At this rate, shouldn’t the military just release him already…”
  • “Minho, I miss you.”
  • “Who can stop him… such passion and hardwork! Minho, you’re my pride!”
| @rokmchq/Instagram

The Marine Corps have praised him as a standout soldier for his services. Minho will be released from his national service duties as scheduled on 15 November 2020.