SHINee Minho’s Sweetest Reaction To A Fan’s Marriage Proposal Has Us All Down On One Knee


On SHINee‘s official YouTube channel, a new episode of the series “Dear. My SHINee WORLD” showed member Minho listening and reacting to his fans’ voice messages.

Going through the recordings, Minho came across one loyal fan of 14 years who got extra ambitious. The fan first warned Minho to “beware,” as she planned on abducting him and taking him to city hall…

… where the two would file their marriage certificate! When the fan dropped her plans to tie the knot with him, Minho giggled — as if he found the sudden proposal to be humorous.

Fan: You better watch out, oppa. If I ever run into you on the streets, I’m going to abduct you! I’m going to take you straight to the city hall…
Minho: Okie.
Fan: … to file that certificate. Okay? We’re not only going to be married, we’re going to be soulmates!
Minho: Wait, are you proposing?! Just like that, out of the blue?

And while his adorable reaction to the proposal would have been more than enough to make everyone drop on one knee, the highlight of the video came when the fan admitted she has nothing to offer but her love. Minho, in his usual gentleness, said her love would be all he ever needed.

Fan: Please marry me. You’ll have to be the breadwinner and you’ll have to do the chores around the house…
Minho: Of course. I should be the one bringing home the money and doing all the chores.
Fan: … but I’ll have all the love in the world to give you instead.
Minho: That’s all I will ever need!

As soon as the video became available on YouTube, the clip capturing Minho’s sweetest response took over Twitter. With 16.5K retweets and 4.5K quote tweets all asking him for his hand in marriage, Minho has yet again gone viral — proving he’s an undeniable #HusbandMaterial.

And for having all the marriage proposals lined up, fans are finding him absolutely “guilty” of having stolen way too many hearts at once!

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You can watch the full episode below.

Source: THEQOO