SHINee’s Minho Thanks All Of Korea’s Girl Groups, Especially TWICE

Dare I say, we could have a ONCE in the making

SHINee‘s Minho was just discharged from the military and he greeted his fans with a V Live! Fans and viewers alike were all excited to see his return.

SHINee’s Minho surprised everyone by holding a V Live for the first time since he’s been discharged from the military and he is looking as handsome as ever. Fans and netizens were all ecstatic to see his face on their screens again. Minho shared some fun things with his fans during his time online and it was here that he revealed something quite interesting.

Minho admitted that during his military service, he listened to TWICE‘s “Fancy” a lot. He revealed that,

It was then that TWICE’s song “Fancy” was released. My fellow soldiers all loved that song.

— Minho

He went on to further reveal that this song got him through his military service.

I heard “Fancy” and really liked it. It honestly became the anthem of my military service.

— Minho

Minho cracked up viewers by going a step further by stating his overall gratitude for Korea’s girl groups.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the nation’s girl groups. You give all the soldiers so much strength.

— Minho


We are loving the honesty Minho. We’re all glad you were discharged safely and can’t wait to see you in your future promotions!

Source: Korea Daily and Instiz