SHINee’s Minho Goes Viral For His Unexpected Reaction To IVE Jang Wonyoung’s Aegyo

The generation gap is showing!

SHINee‘s Minho recently went viral for a funny moment during a video call featuring one of fourth-gen’s most popular girl group members!

SHINee’s Minho | Netflix

Undoubtedly, SHINee are one of the most legendary K-Pop groups. This year, the group celebrated their fifteenth anniversary, a huge milestone only a few groups have ever achieved.

SHINee for their latest release, Hard. | SM Entertainment

Since their debut, the landscape of K-Pop has changed as well as the ways fans choose to interact with idols. One thing that did not exist when SHINee debuted, or for a majority of their career, is fan calls.

When COVID-19 lockdowns began, K-Pop companies looked for ways for idols to engage with fans, and the idea of fan calls — fan signs held over video chatting platforms — was born.

During the calls, fans often have their favorite artists do challenges found on TikTok, resulting in some pretty cute moments.

SHINee recently returned with Hard and held several video calls as part of promotions for the album. While chatting with Minho, a fan attempted to get him to imitate a challenge and showed him a clip of IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung to follow.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

The video of Wonyoung doing the challenges shows the star holding her hands against her head to imitate a dog’s ears while speaking with aegyo.

Minho initially looks confident he can complete the challenge…

…but as he watches Wonyoung do her quickly timed aegyo, his face changes to that of confusion.

The fan showed him the video once more, and his expression did not change in the slightest. Hilariously, Minho does not even attempt to do the challenge at first, instead sitting back with a look of defeat.

However, Minho does complete the challenge, adding his own special twist to the monologue!

The video clip of the call has gone viral, earning over 2.7 million views, as fans laugh good-naturedly at Minho’s reactions.

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